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The heart of CMS Cab Management System is the control centre software. This includes our CMS desktop dispatcher software which allows each operator to book jobs, track vehicles on a live map, view the job activity in the system, and dispatch bookings. Our computerised booking page offers efficient, easy to understand and hassle free call handling. CMS has many additional powerful features, whilst the the basic operation of our software booking and dispatching is very easy to understand and use. 

“CMS allows us to book and dispatch jobs with the minimum of fuss, whilst records of our jobs are readily available to view and analyse.”

 The system provides a number of value added functions such as driver management to managing the drivers` records. CMS has been integrated with the latest and route mapping and vehicle tracking functionality, along with our own easy paperless booking, easy to use dispatching system, finding/editing bookings, regular bookings, map visualization , accurate pricing based on route and vehicle type, adding/editing plots, calculating driver wages, reports, caller logging interface (CLI), and many more tools to help cab office businesses to achieve their objectives with high levels of customer satisfaction by providing prompt, reliable and efficient service.

Using CMS ensures a strong and smooth internal workflow management. CMS provides a complete service package including computerized booking handling system, financial handling system, staff management system and much more.

CMS Desktop Key features:

 Easy to use control screen 

  • Full address and postcode look-up 
  • Caller ID 
  • Comprehensive monitoring of job status and progress 
  • Easy access to customer detail 
  • Automation of regular bookings 
  • Driver/vehicle record system 
  • Flexible and automated pricing of jobs based on; vehicle, distance, specific journeys, customer, time of day 
  • Instant job quotes and auto-generated price lists 
  • Instant lookup of existing and previous work by customer, driver, type of job, invoice 
  • The most reliable and intelligent booking and manual Dispatch system on the market
    • Hassle-free customer and driver invoicing, with fully customizable print output 
    • Built in maps for Manual Dispatch, route estimation, and pricing support for running multiple fleets from a single office 
    • Full support for passenger operator licensing requirements (e.g. P.C.O. and similar), by storing all relevant driver details and vehicle history 
    • Built in report generator 
    • Comprehensive accounts/billing system – the best in the business 
    • Automatic tracking and management of Street Jobs 
    • Driver/Vehicle Document tracking and expiry enforcement, for insurance, MOT, Payments 
    • Detailed audit trail of Drivers and Call takers activities 
    • Built-in nationwide address database 
    • Controlled user level security governing access to all areas of the system 
    • First class customer care and back-up package

        CMS MOBILE

        The CMS Mobile is a user friendly application for cab drivers and part of the VitalSoft CMS solution. Based on Windows Mobile and completely touch screen menu driven and paired with the CMS Desktop and GPS navigation the software streamlines the dispatch process by assigning the jobs to the driver closest to the pickup point. It also provides the driver with all the job details and directions right in the palm of his/her hand.

        The GPS data also enables the controller to tack the fleet at all times. You no longer need PDA’s. With CMS for Android you can now install CMS Mobile directly on your drivers’ phones. We haven’t forgotten about your clients either – customized iPhone booking apps now available. Time to grow the business with CMS!

        CMS Mobile Key features:

         Vehicle navigation using Satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) 

        • Vehicle tracking accurate to within 5 meters 
        • Nationwide radio coverage 
        • Easy to use powerful in-vehicle units, with touch screen and color graphical display 
        • The most reliable and intelligent booking and GPS based Dispatch system on the market 
        • Automated log off if the driver has not fulfilled any of the legal requirements or if any of the fees have not been paid 
        • Drivers can easily maintain a record of the jobs 
        • Panic functionality helping the drivers contact the controller in case of an emergency 
        • The ability to accept/reject job requests directly on the PDA unit 
        • The ability to change the job status 
        • Passenger on board 
        • About to reach destination 
        • Destination reached 
        • Job Completed

        CMS ONLINE

        CMS Online allows customers to make their bookings directly on your web site. They can book from any PC, Mac or even mobile device at anytime and from anywhere. Once a booking is made the customer is immediately sent an email confirming their booking. The dispatcher can decide how the bookings will be posted into CMS Desktop. Either the controller can allow the booking to be posted directly into CMS Desktop without controller intervention (e.g. for your best account customer). Or alternatively web bookings can appear in a “holding screen” in CMS Desktop where they are confirmed by a dispatcher prior to acceptance (e.g. for cash customers). This solution is convenient, reliable, secure and efficient.  As an added benefit the professional website we will build for you is a great marketing tool.

        CMS ONLINE key features

          • Users can book jobs from home, office or hotel
          • Accessed with any standard Web Browser
          • Automatic quotations for fixed price jobs, based on mileage or ‘price matrix’
          • Jobs booked directly – without tying up your control centre staff
          • Full address and postcode look-up
          • Customer Registration
          • Job Bookings
          • Quick Fare Calculator
          • Account Creation
          • Email Confirmation

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