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So why is the EE network so good? We asked a spokes person at EE how they can offer improved 3G coverage for our customers. Here’s what they said,

Historically 02 and Voda are the oldest and for 2G use to be the biggest networks in the UK. When they built the network they where awarded the 800 –  900 mghz band width to transmit on – this signal due to its nature will travel approx 12 miles from the mast.

T-Mobile and Orange are newer networks and as such built the network 3G ready (because it existed) we where awarded the 1800 – 2100mghz band width – this signal will only travel around 6 miles from the mast. In effect we needed 3x as many masts as 02 and Voda to achieve the same coverage.

3G signal will only travel about 6 miles from a mast (regardless of who owns it)

This fact has by default meant our 3G coverage is the best and largest in the UK – hence we are the only company able to offer 4GEE signal in the UK right now.

What it effectively means is if you can get a signal on our network invariably it will be 3G – 02 and Voda will give great 2G coverage BUT depending on your location to the mast you are using i.e within a 6mile radius your 3G signal will drop in and out.


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